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This section contains my collection of Commodore Cheats. The information contained hear have been collected up through Magazine's, Web site's. Listed hear are: Action Replay codes, Reset codes, passwords and anything else that can help you in a game.

Please contact me if there are any cheat that dose not work. Plus, if you ever discover any cheats that I haven't got hear, then Please send them in so I can add it to the list and I will mark your name as the sender or/and founder. I will accepted anything which will help to cheat a game.

BUT REMEMBER... Cheating is the last resort to completing a game or just to have fun, as cheating a game will give you a hollow feeling of victory.

Action Replay v6 Professional
Datel Electronics 1989

I wish to thanks to the following for contribute cheats to the library...
Akkroid - 20 Cheats
CSixx (Lemon Forum) - 1 Cheat
Paul Jones - 13 Cheats
Alex - 1 Cheat

750 - Games Listed
1364 - POKE Codes
167 - SYS Codes
115 - Type-In Cheats

Can't find what you wont, try hear....

The C64 Walkthrough Site who providing the Walkthrough.

Commodore Cheetah made by Allen Monks, started in the year 2000.