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Thalamus, 1990

Action Replay Code:
POKE 7328,173 - Lives
POKE 15596,60 - Invincibility
POKE 44183,173 - Shields
POKE 33724,173 - Torture Screen 1, Lives
POKE 33952,173 - Torture Screen 2, Lives
POKE 33505,173 - Torture Screen 3, Lives

Type-in Cheat:
On the title screen wait until the music finish, then hold down Control and press 2 rapidly or plug the joystick in to port 1 and waggle the joystick left to right, the Fuzzies should Jump. When they turn Gray, you got infinite Lives.

Commodore Cheetah made by Allen Monks, started in the year 2000.