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Action Replay Code:
POKE 41021,189
POKE 44373,185
POKE 44381,185
POKE 47658,189
POKE 47666,185
POKE 48514,189
POKE 48524,189
POKE 50357,189
POKE 50367,189
POKE 50814,189
POKE 50824,189
- Energy
POKE 48621,96 - Stop baddies
POKE 49009,96 - Stop baddies killing

Type-in Cheat:
In two player mode, let the second player be killed by Death. Then let the first player get killed by Death also and you'll end up with 9999 health points.

Reset Code:
SYS 32768 - Restart Game

Commodore Cheetah made by Allen Monks, started in the year 2000.