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Amiga Cheats

Amiga Cheats was sent in by Akkroid.

Basic Action Replay usage.

  1. Make sure the AR HW is connected to the machine & is resident in memory.
  2. Load the game, get past the menus into the actual game playing phase.
  3. Invoke the Action Replay, wait for the prompt to appear.
  4. Type "m" (no quotes) press space, type in the address, hit enter, you will see rows of hexadecimal numbers, you only need to be concerned about the first one in the upper left, the cursor should already be on it.
  5. If the # of Lives is 03 for example, you can type over it with 09, press enter, press enter, press ESC, type "x" (no quotes) press enter. If all went according to plan, you should now have 9 lives instead of 3...Major Coolness!
000738BE - Lives
(Rainbow Arts)
0001C358 - Lives
Beyond The Ice Palace
00000939 - Lives
(Incredible Trio)
00052545 - Lives
(VISUALconcept) (PD)
040B7263 - Lives
[note there are different revisions of this game, so the code may not work on all versions]
Crystal Hammer V2
0006A4E9 - Bats
0000DC95 - Energy
Demolition aka Break!
00056778 - Lives
(Demo version of Donk The Samurai Duck)
00C27489 - Lives
Dr Fruit
00C1CF8F - Lives
Emerald Mine
000003AF - Timer
Fallen Angel
(Screen 7)
0000C1FB - Lives
00004E89 - Energy
Future Miner
001377F6 - Lives
(Rainbow Arts)

00000410 - Timer
00000DC1 - Health Golwyn
00000E01 - Health Thorin
00000D81 - Health Merlin
00000DE1 - Health Valeria
00000DA1 - Health Agor

Gold Hunter
(Otterbach, O.)(PD)
000778F9 - Lives
(5th Dimension) (Freeware)
00C0E1C8 - Timer
00C0E19B - Lives
Jail Break
040B7263 - Lives
Jurajski Sen
(Mirage Media)
00062181 - Lives
Knight Force
0002F6DF - Health
0002E158 - Timer
Lost In Mine
(Wookiesoft) (Floppy Ver.)
00C4DE39 - Timer
Miami Mice
00064A2D - Energy
Mouse Trap
00017BDE - Lives
Mr. and Mrs.
(Richard Evans) (Shareware)
00012FDB - Lives
Navy Moves
0005050A - Lives (Part 1)
00060D4F - Shield
00060D73 - Ammo (default gun)
00060D7D - Ammo (machine gun)
00060D91 - Ammo (Bazooka)
00078E51 - Timer
Pinball Magic
00C0E6A9 - Balls
0000E1E4 - Lives
00000DE9 - Gun Ammo
Reveng Of Doom
(Rainbow Arts)
00012B36 - Lives
Rogue Trooper
00005D22 - Bomb Timer 1
00005D23 - Bomb Timer 2
00005D24 - Bomb Timer 3
00005D25 - Bomb Timer 4
0002AFF1 - Timer
Shooting Machine
(Rainbow Arts)
00019536 - Lives
00005A3D - Timer
00013F05 - Rising Water [MinerRescue]
Universal Monsters
(Ocean) (Demo)
00091E4F - Lives
07F74B89 - Health [Level Mines]
07F91BB3 - Plant Sprayer [Level Mines]
0002AD1B - # Tries



Brian The Lion
040B7263 - Lives
Seven Gates Of Jambala
0000FA23 - Lives

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